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1984 Farms Pork

Fresh Pork Belly (uncured) WHOLE

Fresh Pork Belly (uncured) WHOLE

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Experience the delicious versatility of our Fresh Pork Belly (uncured) WHOLE. Perfect for curing, smoking, or using as a fresh addition to soups and stews. Slice and savor as a delectable bacon alternative!
  • Whole Slab
  • 5.5 - 6.5 lbs
  • uncured and not smoked
  • Corn/Soy Free

Made from our regeneratively raised pork, our bacon is free from harmful additives and preservatives, making it a healthier and more ethical choice. Our pigs are raised on pasture land, allowing them to roam freely and forage for a diverse diet, resulting in juicy and flavorful bacon. Our regenerative farming practices promote soil health and biodiversity, ensuring a healthy environment for both the animals and the planet. 

We take great care to ensure that your meats arrive frozen by using high-quality materials such as thicker cardboard boxes, quality liners, and dry ice. We recommend ordering a minimum of 8 lbs to ensure your meats arrive frozen. Anything less than that we cannot ensure they will be frozen or cold and will not replace those items.

We ship once a week. Orders are placed Tuesday through Monday and then shipped on Wednesday. When checking out your shipping option will say 1-2 Days Air, meaning your order will arrive in 1-2 days from the day it is shipped.

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