You can now invest in 1984 Farms!

You can learn more about investing in our Farm and helping us increase our pasture-grassfinished beef herd! We would much rather pay you plus interest back than a bank!

Hi, We're Steve + Kerissa Taylor

We're first-generation, regenerative agriculture farmers and we're passionate about healthy soil, healthy animals, and healthy humans.

We Raise Truly Clean, Grass-Finished Beef, Pork, and Lamb.

We're passionate about providing nutrient-dense, vaccine-free, American-raised meat right to your door.

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We Take Care Of The Land, And The Land Takes Care Of Us.

As regenerative ag farmers, our animals naturally fertilize the earth, and are regularly rotated to fresh pasture to keep our soil vibrant with microbes.

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    We've launched a community investment round in partnership with HoneyComb Credit, where YOU, our loyal customer and supporter, will have the opportunity to invest in 1984 Farms.

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  • Get the Best Price on Grass Finished Beef

    We are thrilled to offer bulk ordering. You can order anywhere from a sampler size (8 lbs) to a WHOLE cow (300 lbs) of beef and get it shipped to you for free.

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