Our Pastures to Your Plate

You may have heard that the best meats don't come from a grocery store.

You are right, and that is why you are here.

You are wanting your meat to come directly from the farmers that raise it, from start to finish on nutrient-dense pastures.

As if you raised it yourself.

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You are what you eat

You are that rugged individual determined to live a life on purpose. You intend to experience freedom on every level, including purchasing your food directly from farmers. You choose the most nutrient-dense foods for optimum health because you want an optimum life. Thank you for trusting 1984 Farms!

  • Dry-Aged Beef

    Raised from start to finish on nutrient-dense pasture. Our beef is as nature intended. Chemical free, grain free, and deep rich flavor. High in collagen, omega 3's, iron, protein, and vitamins and minerals as a result from a life outside in the sun and green forage.

  • Pastured-Pork Cuts

    Pastured- Pork

    Sunshine and green grass is the recipe for the best pork. Supplemented with non-GMO grain and rotated through paddocks give the result in deep coloring and marbling in every cut.

  • Pasture-Finished Lamb

    Being raised and finished on pasture with organic practices, you'll enjoy this lambs deep flavor and nutrient richness.