Our Pastures to Your Plate

The best meats don't come from a grocery store.

They come directly from the farmers that raise them, from start to finish on nutrient-dense pastures.

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Our Vision

Quaint traditions that bring family and neighbor together over a home cooked meal.

  • Dry-Aged Beef

    Raised from start to finish on nutrient-dense pasture. Our beef is as nature intended. Chemical free, grain free, and deep rich flavor. High in collagen, omega 3's, iron, protein, and vitamins and minerals as a result from a life outside in the sun and green forage.

  • Pastured-Pork Cuts

    Pastured- Pork

    Sunshine and green grass is the recipe for the best pork. Supplemented with non-GMO grain and rotated through paddocks give the result in deep coloring and marbling in every cut.

  • Grass-Finished Lamb

    Pasture-raised and finished with the organic practices is what creates deep flavor and nutrient richness.