Our Missouri Pastures to Your Plate

You may have heard that the best meats don't come from a grocery store.

You are right, and that is why you are here.

You are wanting your meat to come directly from the farmers that raise it, from start to finish on nutrient-rich pastures.

As if you raised it yourself.

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  • Dry-Aged Beef

    Indulge in the rich and savory taste of our regeneratively raised grass-finished beef. Carefully sourced from our cattle that are raised on lush, green pastures, our beef is packed with deep flavors and nutrients. Unlike traditional beef products, our grass-finished is free from antibiotics, steroids, and other artificial additives, ensuring that you're getting the purest, most natural product possible. The regenerative farming practices used to raise our cattle benefit the animals' health and the environment by regenerating the soil.

    Pasture-Finished Beef 
  • Pastured-Pork Cuts

    Pastured- Pork

    Introducing our regeneratively raised pastured pork roast, the perfect addition to your next dinner party. Our pork is raised in a sustainable and ethical manner, on pasture land that is managed to improve soil health and biodiversity. The pigs are allowed to roam freely, foraging for a diverse diet of fresh vegetation, non-GMO grain, roots, and insects. This results in a tender and juicy pork roast with a rich flavor, unparalleled by conventionally raised pork. Our regeneratively raised method ensures that the land and animals are treated with care, promoting a healthy environment for generations to come. Treat yourself and your guests to a delicious and guilt-free meal with our regeneratively raised pastured pork.

    Pastured Pork 
  • Grass-Finished Lamb

    1984 Farms grass-finished regeneratively raised lamb is a premium quality product that stands out from conventional meat products. This lamb has been raised in a way that not only prioritizes the well-being of the animal, but also regenerates the land it was raised on. The sheep are raised on a diet of only grass and forage, without any grain supplements, resulting in the highest quality meat.

    Grass- Finished Lamb 
  • The Next Generation

    Helping children learn and develop character, good morals, integrity and to value hard work. As a family we put this into practice by giving our animals the greatest care. In return these animals provide high quality, nutrient dense foods for you and your family!

  • Our Mission

    To restore the American Dream, family, and rugged individual.

    By elevating leadership education, family attachment, entrepreneuers, and personal mission.

  • Meat Like Your Ancestors Ate

    We are proud to provide truly pasture raised and finished meats. All our animals are given quality attention and rotated to new pastures every few days for health and cleanliness. Sunshine, fresh air, and green pastures are our special ingredients.

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You are what you eat

You are that rugged individual determined to live a life on purpose. You intend to experience freedom on every level, including purchasing your food directly from farmers. You choose the most nutrient-dense foods for optimum health because you want an optimum life. Thank you for trusting 1984 Farms!