Frequently Asked Questions

Are you organic?

While we use organic methods, we are not certified organic so cannot make the claim. We choose not to be because the requirements to be organic would require us to use certain vaccines and methods that we are not comfortable administering to our animals and feel defeats the purpose of the certification.

Are you grass-fed/grass finished?

In short, we are. There are many terms out there denoting the diet of the animal, and they can be confusing. Read this blog post to learn the differences! 

Do you use grain?

All of our herbivore animals (cows and sheep) are fed a pasture only diet, no grains. Our omnivore animals (pigs, chickens, turkeys) receive a non-GMO grain supplement to meet their additional protein type needs.

Do you ship?

We do not. We hope to be shipping to our region in the fall of 2022.

Do you deliver?

We offer delivery options within a 4 hour or 300 mile radius from Montrose, CO and near Salt Lake City, UT. There are minimum order amounts and delivery fees for anything outside of Montrose, CO city limits.