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Our animals are raised in the sunshine on healthy pasture. No antibiotics, no vaccines, no chemicals for the cleanest, most nutrient-dense meat available.

Fill Your Freezer With Truly Clean Meat At The Lowest Price Possible

  • Are you concerned about bare shelves? (Your own or the store’s.)
  • Do you hate the hassle of going to the store every week?
  • Are you tired of price-shopping?
  • Do you hate how the price of food keeps increasing?
  • Do you worry about hormones and preservatives in your food, and how it might affect your health?
  • Do you wonder what all the labels mean? (“Natural”, “Organic”, “Grass-fed”) 

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With A Freezer Full Of Top-Quality Meat

  • Never worry about bare shelves again when your freezer is full of meat to last you months, or even years.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing we never use preservatives or gasses to make the meat look fresh. 
  • Save yourself the hassle of having to shop for prices every week and being left with limited options at the grocery store.
  • Become self-sufficient and break free of your dependency on grocery stores. 
  • Get out of the rat race of and save mental energy you’ve been spending by constantly thinking about getting to the grocery store.
  • Stop worrying about paying more and more with the increasing price of food.

We know you don’t want to worry about harmful chemicals in your meat, that’s why we keep our animals healthy without unnatural, synthetic medications.

We are a first-generation family farm established in 2017 and we’re doing things a little differently. We believe in food transparency, and that everyone should know where their meat comes from.

What kind of life did the animal live? What did the animal eat? How was the animal harvested? Was the animal treated with vaccinations or hormones?

We Raise Naturally Healthy Animals for Truly Clean Meat

We offer farm tours and take pride in how we raise your meat. Our farming methods center around improving the health of the land which, in turn, improves the health and quality of our animals. We are passionate about food freedom and taking responsibility for what we consume, and transparency is vital to providing you with the information you need to decide what to eat for yourself.

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Rest assured…

  • All your meat will be from the same animal.
  • Your meat will be fresh and you’ll know exactly when it was harvested. 
  • Your meat will be free of synthetic medications and hormones. 
  • Your meat will be higher in vitamin D because the animal lived in the sunshine.

The peace of mind you get when buying truly clean, nutrient-dense meat in bulk makes life so much more convenient!

  • Save money and get the very best deal on top-quality meat.
  • Lock in the lowest price and don’t worry about prices increasing for you.
  • Sleep better at night knowing you have enough nutritious food stored for your family.
  • Save time and energy when you simply walk out to your freezer to get food instead of going to the store.
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Here’s What To Expect When You Reserve Your Meat Shares...

Professionally harvested and packaged.


  • Shipping is FREE to all 48 continental states. 
  • Your final bill will be sent via email when your animal goes to harvest. Final payment will be due within 5 days.
  • We have a waiting list, so if we don't receive payment you will lose your refund and the beef will go to someone else.
  • Your ship date will be sent to you via email as soon as we hear from the butcher that it is ready— usually 2-3 weeks from date of harvest.
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  • Matt DAlesio

    Extremely tender and high quality beef. KC strips are incredible.

  • April Nelson

    Excellent quality beef!

  • Amy Lewis

    I love your company and products! Thank you for your work. Fast shipping excellent service will purchase again!

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