Discover the Dirt in Regenerative Agriculture at Kids Field Day!

Join us at KIDS FIELD DAY for a fun, educational experience for elementary-age kids at 1984 Farms in Atlanta, Missouri.

At 1984Farms, we want to bring awareness and educate the children of our local communities and surrounding areas about farm animals, where our food comes from, the importance of everyday soil, and how it connects to the animal’s well-being and ultimately our health as humans.  

Your kids will have a blast learning about the importance of soil and how to use animals to keep the land healthy through fun, interactive farm-themed games. Your kids will gain valuable knowledge on where their food comes from and the importance of taking care of the soil. 

Perfect for homeschoolers and children interested in farm animals. 

We are offering Kid Field Days on May 11th and June 8th. (More dates to be announced.)

On June 8th we will welcome special guest Lucas Brass, the Area Soil Health Specialist, to do a special SoilMania presentation and demonstration!

  • $5 per child. (No fee for parents, thank you for supervising your children!)
  • 18335 State Highway O, Atlanta MO 63530
  • Must register online BEFORE May 8th or June 5, 2024
  • Field Day starts at 9am - 12pm (please arrive about 10 minutes early.)
  • If your child has any food allergies, please let us know.
  • All ages are welcome, the material is geared toward elementary ages.

We are providing these educational experiences and sharing our love of regenerative agriculture to connect with our neighbors and build relationships with our local communities. Bring your kids out to the farm, get to know us and see what 1984 Farms is all about! 

We welcome your questions. Feel free to email us at