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1984 Farms

Steve Campbell On Farm Seminar

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Learn directly from cattle genetic guru, Steve Campbell ( on Saturday, April 1st at 1984 Farms in Atlanta, MO. (18335 State Highway O, Atlanta MO, 63530)

From 11-3 we will dive into the most profitable things for your ranch! Light refreshments (eat lunch before you come!) and any clothing necessary for the weather, we will be outside and a chair if you want to sit.

Are you wanting to create a herd of cows that eat 20-40% less than your current animals?

Do you want an inexpensive method of detoxing yourself, your livestock, and your land from man's 10,000 plus toxins in our environment?

Do you want to be able to "see" tender and flavorful beef on the hoof?

On the ranch: 40% of your profit is fertility, 30% is maintenance cost of the cow, 20% is growth and 10% is carcass traits.

Growth and carcass traits put money in the back pocket of the feedlot operator and the packer.

Because of industry breeding for the feedlot for the last 60+ years, very few cows can thrive in an all-forage environment. He can help you learn to identify the all-forage type animal in your herd, and/or what to look for in someone else’s herd when purchasing outside animals.

He will teach you things that are natural, work, follow nature and don’t cost a lot of money. He also coaches using natural toxin binders to remove what the wind blows in from your neighbor and how to re-mineralize your soil without breaking the bank.

Steve Campbell has been in the cattle industry his whole life. Steve understands the complexities of producing premium beef. From soil health, quality forage production, nutrition, mineral intake, stock selection, calving, and more Steve works with producers to find ways to improve their operations and get better results. Much like people source business coaches, Steve is a "cattle coach" and will assist you in reaching higher levels of success with your beef herd.