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1984 Farms

~20 lbs Beef and Pork Bundle

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Save over 15% when you purchase this bundle of both beef and pork cuts.

Your 20 lb bundle will include some of, but not all: roasts, steaks, ground, chops, and fresh side (uncured bacon).

These bundles are created from our pasture-finished beef and pasture-raised non-GMO pork.

Carefully sourced from our Missouri-raised cattle on raised on lush, green pastures, our beef is packed with natural flavors and nutrients. Unlike traditional beef products, our it is free from antibiotics, steroids, and other artificial additives, ensuring that you're getting the purest, most natural product possible. 

The pigs are allowed to roam freely, foraging for a diverse diet of fresh vegetation, roots, a non-GMO feed supplement, and insects. This results in tender and juicy pork with a rich flavor, unparalleled by conventionally raised pork.

Our regenerative farming practices promote soil health and biodiversity, ensuring a healthy environment for both the animals and the planet.